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WWII: Tank Battles – Ps2

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Choose your side – Axis or Allies – then take to the field in a fearsome WWII battle tank. Make use of machine-guns and heavy cannons to destroy your enemies, and use wall-crushing horsepower to drive through or over obstacles to launch deadly strikes on enemy forces. As tank commander you are responsible for preventing the enemy advance and bringing your team home.

Special Features

* Eight awesome tanks to control, from Allied Stuarts and Shermans, through to German Panzers, King Tigers and more!
* The 20-mission campaign takes you from the windswept dunes of North Africa, through the lush greenery of Normandy and on to the Ardennes.
* Earn points to upgrade your tanks with increased armour, handling, engine capacity and firepower.
* Relive the historically accurate WWII campaign, from the fall of France to the drive towards Berlin.