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Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana – Ps2

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Atelier Iris is the sixth installment of the popular Atelier series. This time the game features 3 main character, Krein Kiesling is a 17 year old boy with the power of mana Ryta Blanchimont is the 16 year old atelier, and Popo is a fairy with spirit power. Ryta can use her alchemy skills to mix items anytime and anywhere. There are 14 mana races in the game, include wood, flame, stone, life and air. The game features more combats than the previous titles, a strategic Cost Turn Battle system is adopted in the game, the action order is decided by the selected action, such that each attack requires a charge time, special skills is the quickest, then quick attacks. The strong attacks require more charge time but are more powerful.