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Trigger Man – Ps2

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The Don of your family has enemies. The truce between the rival families is broken, they are all looking to eliminate the Don and those closest to him. It’s up to you to get to them first and take them down before full-scale war breaks out.

Special Features

* Trigger Man puts you in the shoes of the underworld’s toughest mob enforcer. To survive all you’ll have are your wits, muscle and street smarts
* Eight challenging missions face you in which to destroy the operations and soldiers of rival families
* Hunt out your opponents in realistic locations including deserted loading docks, fine restaurants and a casino. There are plenty of places for your enemies to hide, and they know them all.
* Experience the unique Knife-Cam. You’ll often have to take out an enemy silently from a distance. Using a special throwing knife, the knife-cam follows the flight of the deadly weapon and allows you to guide it to its target

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Dimensions 13.5 × 1.5 × 19 cm