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Xenosaga Episode 2 – Ps2

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In Xenosaga EPISODE II, thousands of years into a war-torn future, humanity has advanced to such a degree that its substantial resources of weapons and technology distort the boundaries of human limits. In this sequel, contend for control over the original Zohar to unravel its mystery and defeat the threat of the Gnosis. Customize your characters using over a hundred different skills and take control of a deeper, more evolved combat system. In Xenosaga EPISODE II, humanity must depend on their will to survive in the battle for the holy grail that could be their only savior… or biggest threat yet.

Special Features

* FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTER GROWTH SYSTEM. An extensive experience system features over 100 different skills to customize the characters to the players preference.
* EVEN DEEPER BATTLE SYSTEM. A new and improved complex battle system utilizes team combination attacks, a refined boost system, double team attacks, and zone attack/break system. The turn-based battle requires even more strategy and provides a deeper challenge.
* RETURNING CHARACTERS. Shion, KOS-MOS and other favorite EPISODE I characters return with more mature, refined character designs and all new mechs.
* AN EPIC CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE. Hours of dazzling cinematics are complimented by high-quality English voice acting. Complex and philosophical themes add depth to an already sophisticated, dramatic storyline that could stand on its own as an intricately woven masterpiece.

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