7 Sins – Ps2

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Rahaa, valtaa, kunniaa, sexiä … galaksit paukkuu!

Oletko tosi peluri? 7 Sins testaa kykyjäsi alan miehenä … Hoida mahtibisneksiä … hanki ystäviä, hanki vihamiehiä … opi kikkailun hienoudet ja seitsemän synnin systeemit. Strategiaa ja seikkailua aikuiseen makuun.

Welcome to Apple City, where fortune, fame and power go hand in hand with greed, corruption and vice!

This is your chance to make something of yourself as you mingle with the movers and shakers of the neon soaked metropolis. Let?s not kid ourselves.

Money, fame and pretty girls are essential elements of a happy and fulfilled life.

Apple city is the place to find them all, so forget what you?ve been taught before and follow these simple rules for survival:

· Covet your neighbour?s wife
· Love nobody but yourself
· Wallow in unbridled lust
· Seek fame and fortune, and everything that goes with it
· Accept the inevitability of humiliation

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