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NHL 2K6 – Xbox360

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Passing the puck is an elementary skill in hockey, but one that is important to master.

Setting up give-n-go shots, breakaways, dump and chase situations, and other scoring opportunities not only develop from good passing, but from great execution and control. NHL 2K6 is proud to introduce the ProControl system, giving gamers a completely new set of mechanics and techniques. At the most basic level, ProControl is an icon-passing system with the ability to queue up passes to other team members. By pressing down on the Right Analog Stick, button icons will appear over each player, enabling more precise passing.

For the advanced player, ProControl enables true puck cycling to properly set up offensive scoring chances. By pressing a quick button sequence, the player can create a pass sequence to set up exciting scoring chances. Additionally, ProControl gives the player the ability to protect the puck, and make dump passes. No other hockey game delivers the authentic NHL experience like NHL 2K6!