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Little Red Riding Hood – DVD+CD+Book

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Little Red Riding Hood is a truly timeless tale. Besides its innocent charm, it is also a thrilling story. You are swept away by the tale in which evil gets its due and good is rewarded and ?passedforward?. These are, after all, important life lessons for all to know.

? Hybrid Media Book
? Picture: 4:3
? Audio: DD 5.1 & DD 2.0
? Format: DVD-5
? Duration: approx. 12 min.
? Rel.year: 2006
? Region free
? CD/DVD Language: English & Finnish
? Book Language: English

This new hybrid media is both entertaining and educational for children. It teaches and improves children?s abilities to read and to learn by listening to the story on the CD. Furthermore, the ROM section of the CD, with games and colouring exercises, develops children?s abilities in computer usage. The DVD shows the animated story and the running text in the lower part of the screen changes colour as the storyteller tells the tale, making it easy for children to follow the text.

This hybrid media package includes all the dimensions that this type of media has to offer, yet it also allows children to use their own imaginations. In a home theatre environment, this exciting tale enfolds children into a magical world which captures their imaginations.