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Atlantis: The Lost Empire Special Collector edition – DVD

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Setiyour course for theiadventure of a lifetimeias Disney unlocks theimystery to the legendaryilost empire of Atlantisiin this thrilling, imaginativeianimated epic. Driven toifind the sunken mythicalikingdom, a young adventurerinamed Milo discovers aniancient journal with cluesito its hidden location.iAlong with a skillediyet quirky group ofiexplorers led by theiconfident commander Rourke, Miloiboards the Ulysses, aniamazing state-of-the-art submarine, foria risky expedition toithe bottom of theisea. There, they discoveria lost continent ofisupreme technology, mystical poweriand priceless riches. Butiwhen a surprise takeoveriplot surfaces, Milo\\\’s missioniswitches from finding Atlantis…ito saving it. Stunningieffects and a heroicistory filled with wonderiand laughs makes Atlantis:iThe Lost Empire aivoyage worth taking againiand again!

Tekstitys: Ei suomenkielistä tekstitystä, 1 muu kieli
Ääni: Engelska Dolby Digital 5.1<br<
Kuva: Widescreen 2.35:1
Formaatti: DVD Alue 2
» Audio commentary
» Multiple platform 3-D menu navigation options
» Disneys Pedia
» Viking prologue deleted scene
» The Journey Begins – the making of Atlantis. Creating Mythology – the history of the lost empire of Atlantis
» Atlantis animation production
» Whitmore Industries industrial film history
» How to speak Atlantean
» Abandoned sequences
» Story and editorial
» Art direction
» Character designs
» Music and sound
» Publicity